Having an idea that something is wrong with your vehicle is of the utmost importance, especially if you want it to last for years to come. Luckily, there are several signs to look out for when your car has low engine oil.

Being aware of these signs can help you ensure that your vehicle gets the proper attention before irreversible damage occurs. To help drivers in Bloomfield, NJ, Union, Parsippany and Jersey City,  know when it's time for service, here's a look at what engine oil does and what you can expect when there's low oil in your car.

Signs of Low Oil in your Car

Your engine is made up of hundreds of moving metal parts that constantly rub up against each other when the ignition is on. Oil helps lubricate these parts, allowing them to move without causing unwanted friction. Oil also helps disperse the heat. This keeps your engine components cool and helps them work properly when you're on the road.

When oil is running low, various signs will appear to let you know, so you can take action to prevent damage. Here's a list of some of the most common symptoms of low engine oil.

1. Oil Pressure Warning Light

The easiest way to tell if your vehicle is running low on oil is your vehicle's warning light. This light is connected to a sensor that monitors the fluid's level. If the oil pressure gets too low, the warning light will activate to let you know. As soon as you see this indicator, you'll want to have your vehicle serviced to bring your oil back to a sufficient level.

2. Burning Oil Smell

If you happen to smell burning oil from inside your vehicle, you should immediately pull over and turn off your engine. This could be a sign that there is a leak and oil is dripping on the hot engine parts, causing this odor. Give your vehicle some time to cool down and then check your oil level.

Your dipstick will tell you if your oil level is lower than the required amount. If it's low, don't try to continue driving the vehicle because you could actually cause more harm to your engine.

3. Clunking Sound

When your engine oil is running low, it stops lubricating the engine components. When these parts are no longer well-oiled, they cause loud clunking, knocking, and grinding sounds. This can cause your rods to break, which will give off the knocking sound from underneath the hood of your vehicle.

Typically, hearing a clunking or knocking sound under the hood when you're driving is the first sign of a failing engine. Without proper treatment, your powertrain can seize and break down completely. So, it's best to schedule an oil change when you start to notice these noises to help reduce the risk of damage.

4. Less Efficient Performance

Your car is designed to deliver impressive fuel economy, but if it has low engine oil, you may notice that it won't perform as efficiently as it should. That's because not having enough fluid to adequately lubricate the parts of the engine will cause it to work harder. The harder the engine works, the lower your fuel economy will be.

5. Overheating Engine

One of the most significant symptoms of low oil in your car is an overheating engine. Without enough oil to keep things properly lubricated, parts in the engine won't have any protection when they rub together. Not only will this cause noises, decreased fuel economy, and damage, but the friction created by the metal-to-metal contact can raise the temperature in the system and cause your engine to overheat.

An overheating engine can be a serious issue if left untreated. If it starts overheating, pull over as soon as you can and wait for it to cool down. Then, check the oil levels. If it's too low, get your oil changed immediately.

Low Engine Oil? Schedule a Service Appointment Now!

Being aware of these signs is crucial to the health of your vehicle. If you want to prevent performance issues and keep your car running as well as possible for as long as possible, keep your eyes, nose, and ears out for these low engine oil symptoms.

If you think there's low oil in your car, drivers in the Bloomfield area can always take their vehicle into our Service Center at Lynnes Subaru

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