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Full Synthetic Oil & Filter Change Service

In order for your car to function properly it is important that you take the time to perform routine maintenance on it. This means services like routine oil changes. Oil changes should be performed every 7,500 miles, or the time and mileage that is specified on your cars maintenance schedule. Knowing a bit more about this service can help you determine if you need an oil change or not.

What is a Full Synthetic Oil & Filter Change Service?

There are two types of oil change you can get, a full synthetic, or a partial synthetic. The oil that is fully synthetic is going to be a bit thicker and is going to take longer to get dirty and thin out and will also lubricate your engine a bit better than partial synthetic oil. The main issue however is that it is a bit more expensive than other oil types. This is a service that is 100% necessary for your car to keep it running and to keep the engine lubricated and running. This service involves having the oil totally drained form the car and the filter changed if it needs it.

Why Should I have a Full Synthetic Oil and Filter Change?

This service is completely necessary to keep the engine lubricated and to keep the moving parts moving properly. Your engine needs this service to keep it properly lubricated to prevent your engine from locking up and to help get the oil clean and fresh and to get the filter clean as well.

Checking Engine Oil Fluids

What Happens if I Delay an Oil Change?

Delaying an oil change is a huge deal and a huge issue. If you do not get your routine oil change you can end up with an engine that is locked up and cannot move. This can be reversed to a certain extent but it is pricey and difficult. You should keep your oil changed to make sure that your engine is lubricated, that all the moving parts can spin and move freely, that the oil is clean and free of things like dirt and metal shavings from the moving of the engine, and that the oil filter is clean enough that it can filter out any debris or dirt that might enter the oil or move through the system.

Why Choose Lynnes Subaru?

Lynnes Subaru has free wi-fi and coffee and also has genuine Subaru parts, trained technicians, specialized tools and more to help make sure your car is running smoothly and that your engine is ready to go.


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