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Engine Air Filter Replacement

Your engine is the heart of your car. Without it, your car is not going to run, not going to work, and is going to be entirely useless. Your air filter is a necessary part of keeping your engine working properly and a clean filter can mean the difference between an engine that works well and one that stalls and does not function.

What is an Engine Air Filter Replacement Service?

Inside your engine is an air filter that filters out the particulates and pieces of dirt, sediment, and other debris that may be in the engine or that may enter into your engine through the air that is being taken into the engine while it runs. This filter can become jammed and full of sediment and therefore needs to be changed out every so often. Your air filter can become dirty over time and your service technician can access the air filter and change it out as needed.

Why Should I have an Engine Air Filter Replacement Service?

Your engine can become choked and can even stall if your filter is dirty. If your engine is not able to get enough air while running, it can also become overheated and can fail to work properly. Your air filter is a huge part of your engine being able to run properly and perform satisfactorily. This service can help improve the overall performance of your car and can help your car run better and perform better all around. This is a fully necessary service that need to be done every so often.

Checking Engine Air Filter

What Happens if I Delay my Engine Air Filter Replacement Service?

If you delay this service you can have serious engine damage and can end up causing damage to your engine. Your car may stall, it can choke and stop running while you are driving it may fail to start, and it can even cause fire it the engine if the filter catches fire. Your air filter makes a big difference in how your car runs as well. You may also have a car that does not get great gas mileage, that does not have the power that it used to, or that simply does not perform as well as it should.

Why Should I have my Engine Air Filter Replaced at Lynnes Subaru?

Lynnes Subaru in Bloomfield, NJ offer a factory trained team, specialized tools, genuine Subaru parts, it is family-owned and operated, you get a complimentary car wash with every service and also complimentary wi-fi and coffee. You also have a very comfortable waiting area as well as loaner cars as needed.

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